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Problem or Setback?

Here’s an acid test: Can money fix it? In time, will it go away? Is it the product of one person’s actions? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, chances are you are dealing with a momentary setback. You can then take action to make a quick recovery: find sources of funding, […]

Commit to the Long Haul

Even if your vision is, at the beginning, a modest one, your band has to have consensus and commitment. This is what gets you through the initial phase and on to the long-term pursuit of your ideas. Harvard psychologists have conducted research into teamwork that shows that the longer a group works together, the more […]

You are Your Own Best Product

Want to know what you have in common with every rock star that has ever lived? You are your own best product. You are the sum of your talent, your efforts, and your values. If you want to be comfortable and confident selling Brand You, then invest your energies into developing your inner rock star: […]

Seizing Opportunities

Once you have learned to push past fear, you will get better and better at learning to see and to seize opportunities. The rock ‘n’ roll attitude is all about seeing opportunity in everything: opportunity to learn and grow your skill set, opportunity to make connections with people who may join your band or become […]

Rhythms in Business

Looking to drum up new business, new standards and ideas? I’ve got a simple secret to share with you! It can be so much easier to get a bunch of people focused on the same thing, at the same time and have a powerful impact on your company’s performance. At your next company event incorporate […]

Overcome the Fear of Failure

Musicians live in perpetual fear of bombing on stage. Over half of U.S. households have at least one member who can play a musical instrument, but only a small fraction ever perform in public, in front of a crowd, getting booed, getting bottles thrown at your head. No thanks! It’s no surprise that so few […]

Happy Rockin’ Holidays

From everyone at Marvelless Mark Motivation and Music, we want to wish you and your family a rockin holiday season filled with love, laughter and Karaoke! Have a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year!Thank you to all of our loyal fans and clients for making 2013 a truly incredible year.I […]