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Rockstar Counsel

In the tradition of guest bloggers our next piece comes from Brent Britton……..a gifted lawyer and Rockstar himself!!! Rockstar Counsel Hi Rockstars! I am a lawyer.  I help people start companies, do deals, and become rockstars.  I try to be really good at this.  In fact, I try to be a big effing rockstar myself […]

Keep your metabolism at ROCKSTAR status!

Rockstar Health- Here are a few New Years tips on keeping your metabolism at Rockstar Status!!! Around the time of New Years resolutions we all plan on shedding that stubborn holiday weight and get our bodies back in “peak performance”. Well here are some tried and true ways to keep our metabolism rockin’ throughout the day and even the night! During this busy meeting and incentive season it is important to keep our BUSINESS ROCKSTAR juices flowing so we can impact not only clients but co-workers with our infectious energy!!

Business Rockstar Travel- Free Wireless for the Holidays!!

Google and eBay are spreading holiday cheer in planes and airports around the country by making free wireless available to flyers. eBay is teaming up with Delta to provide free WiFi on 250 domestic flights from Nov. 24-30. So, even if you’re stuck in the airport because of weather or traffic delays, you can pass the time by doing some online Christmas shopping – at least that’s what eBay is hoping.When passengers log in they will be directed to eBay’s web site as the home page, but no purchase necessary.

Business Rockstar Health

n the tradition of guest bloggers, i have decided to jump in and do a few “guest” pieces on Business Rockstar Health! So in addition to maintaining your Business Rockstar Image, and keeping up on Business Rockstar Travel, i will be posting some helpful tips to keep yourself at peak performance!!!


We are proud to continue teaching you “How to be a Business Rockstar” by bringing in a few guest bloggers that are Business Rockstars in their field……we are proud to start our 4 part series with a piece on ROCKSTAR TRAVEL!! Keep you eyes peeled for future blogs on ROCKSTAR IMAGE, ROCKSTAR SPEAKING, and much much more!!!

Are you ready to ROCK!?!

I might be new to the blogging community but one thing’s for sure… there’s nothing typical about what I do and therefore this blog is bound to be one-of-a-kind. As a motivational speaker and entertainer, I bring rock concert energy to events, conferences, general sessions and parties.