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Interview Your Ideal Fan

Find a couple of folks among your friends and acquaintances who represent your ideal fans. Ask them to participate in a mock interview with you. These people will portray the part of the “fan” and you will be the “rock star.” Let them know that the situation is fictional, but that the responses should be […]

Demographics Are Just the Beginning

If you have any business savvy, if you didn’t sleep through your marketing classes in college, then you already know the importance of researching your demographic. What does your typical consumer look like? How old are they? What do they like to wear? Where do they shop? Which TV shows are their favorites? You can […]

Make Conscious Connections

As you build your set list, rehearse, and play your gigs, do so with the conscious intention of building and maintaining your fan base. Make the commitment to keep people informed of your doings at every step. Create opportunities for your supporters and potential clients to interact with you. Plan small and intentional acts of […]

Do You have a Set List?

Every band has collection of songs they play. That’s true whether they write their own stuff, use material someone wrote for them, or stick to covers. Those songs may be in various stages of development; before the band records or heads to a gig, they need to decide which are ready for public consumption and […]

How Fans Sustain Bands (and Brands)

Rock ‘n’ roll stardom, much like any other business, is built on brand loyalty. Why does the One Hit Wonder fade into obscurity? Because people like the initial product/song, but do not care enough for the brand to come back for more. Whatever interest might have driven the momentary success, subsequent songs do not create […]

Your Band’s Greatest Hits

Get the members of your band together (your staff, your department or team, your family). Spend a few moments talking about the things you do well as a group. Then ask them what they consider your “greatest hits” to be. What have your greatest successes been? Your most memorable moments? What are the things the […]

Who Is Your Band?

You may not live your life on a tour bus, but I’m willing to bet that somehow, some way you are involved in a band. What areas of your life demand collaboration to achieve results? The human resources director in a corporate office works with people across departments. Salespeople have a circle of managers and […]