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Motivational Speaker Marvelless Mark of Millennia Productions
Brings High-Energy Entertainment to Corporate Events!!
July 05, 2011 06:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time

TAMPA, Fla.–(EON: Enhanced Online News)–When you think of corporate events, “excitement” isn’t typically the first word that comes to mind. Making seminars, team-building events and other business presentations entertaining can be challenging, even for the most experienced presenters. That’s where Marvelless Mark® can help. A seasoned motivational speaker, emcee and entertainer, Marvelless Mark® of Millennia Productions, Inc., can make all kinds of special events lively, entertaining and memorable.

“It was an awesome sight to look out over a packed house banging on the tables with drumsticks at the opening session, only surpassed by a stage full of attendees at Mark’s Rock This Way band performance”

Marvelless Mark® uses a hybrid of music, comedy, celebrity impersonations, props and more to engage and motivate audiences of all generations. Here are a few examples of presentations Marvelless Mark® can customize for general sessions, team-building events, and more:

  • Opportunity Rocks – This motivational keynote speech demonstrates how lessons from the rock & roll world can easily apply to the business world.
  • Rhythms in Business – In this interactive presentation with a message, Marvelless Mark® gives out branded drumsticks and “conducts” audience members as they perform their own “drum symphony.”
  • Battle of Bands – Teams compete to write, compose, promote and perform their songs live on stage.
  • Game Show Mania – In this team-building game show, teams answer questions and complete challenges related to your company.

Marvelless Mark® can customize each event, incorporating an organization’s message into his presentation. Acting as your own event host means missing valuable time with your people, and in many cases, being thrust into an unfamiliar, unproductive role. Let Marvelless Mark® do it instead. As a professional master of ceremonies, Marvelless Mark® can ensure your event stays on track while still being entertaining.

Mark’s animated style has made him one of the most in-demand keynote speakers in the country. He’s equally at home performing for small groups, or huge audiences at companies like Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson and American Express.

“It was an awesome sight to look out over a packed house banging on the tables with drumsticks at the opening session, only surpassed by a stage full of attendees at Mark’s Rock This Way band performance,” says Stacy Harris of Ultimate Software. “Our CEO was blown away to see our customers and employees thoroughly engaged!”

Find out more about Marvelless Mark®’s services by visiting or connect with Marvelless Mark® on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

To book Marvelless Mark® for your event, contact Millennia Productions at 1-877-9-ROCK-ON (1-877-976-2566).
Marvelless Mark® brings Rockstar Energy to YOUR events!

You have a confidence- a swagger!

While we continue on our journey to what it takes to be a Business Rockstar in our personal and professional lives we come to possibly the most important step—- You have a confidence- a swagger Why is this so important you ask??

Well, its simple….. how can we ask our families, friends, consumers, employees or clients to have confidence in us if we Don’t have confidence in ourselves?? The confidence I am talking about is the belief in ourselves and what we are doing or offering. People need to feel inspired and motivated in order to be receptive to what we have to say or do.

How many people do you know that would invest in a product the inventor didn’t really believe in?? NONE!! That’s the bottom line. No matter what we are pitching, selling or trying to get people to believe, our confidence will be the main selling point. Here is the definition of SWAGGER-

Swagger is to to move with confidence, sophistication and to be cool. Swagger is to conduct yourself in a way that would automatically earn respect

Bottom Line is- We believe in the people we believe in sometimes simply because they have confidence in themselves and what they are offering. Our confidence is the most important thing is getting our message across!! Check out this article on confidence in business.

Rockstar Travel – Business or Pleasure? Why not both?

Business or Pleasure? Why not both?
By Tammy Levent

Many business travelers bring their families along on work trips, trying to fit in quality time and sightseeing around meetings and presentations. But, for most business travelers, the key to successfully pulling off a work-play vacation is to clearly define your time. If you’re planning on bringing the family along on your next business trip, here are 3 tips to ensure that business and pleasure Don’t interfere with each other.

1. Don’t try to do business and vacation at the same time. Take care of business first and schedule vacation time at the destination afterwards. You Don’t want work worries to taint your leisure time.

2. Delegate. Make it clear to your family that you will be focused on work during the business portion of your trip and have them schedule their activities for times when you’ll be busy. Then plan the rest of the trip as a family, and make sure everyone agrees on the itinerary to avoid squabbling.

3. Ship your work papers back to your office, or at least close them up in a suitcase because when you finally get to your vacation time – you should be on vacation. Just as you wouldn’t play during work hours, Don’t work during family time. you’ll come back refreshed with some great memories.

Tammy Levent
CEO of Elite Travel

You can harmonize with everyone else in the band

You can harmonize with everyone else in the band. As we continue on our journey to learn what it takes to be a Rockstar, our willingness to work with others while keeping our own goals in mind comes into play….

It is nice to be the best on your own but; most of us know it takes the help of trusted friends and colleagues to get us where we need to be. Our ability to harmonize with our co-workers and friends and family will ALWAYS continue to our overall success. How many bands do you know would be successful if they didn’t listen to their band mates and take their opinions into consideration???

We are not saying give up your individual goals, what we are saying is to make sure you have an excellent “band” to work with, because 2 heads are always better than one!

We are also not saying give up your individuality as a solo artist but, what we are saying is when working together as a team or a “band” you have to be able to harmonize as a force to be reckon with in order to attain that “chart topper” or breakthrough record” we are all trying to achieve!

“It takes no genius to see that a one-man band will never get very big -Charles Garfield

You must have superior talent

As we continue to learn what we can do to become “rockstars” in our personal and business lives, we must take into account how and why we are striving for that goal. We must reinforce our passion every day and keep our feet moving on the path to “stardom”!!

The first stop on that path is to truly learn what it takes to become a “rockstar” and what we can do to make our inner “rockstar” shine through!

The first thing it takes is………………

You have superior talent, you can play and sing –

You have learned to do what you do, as well as you possibly can do it. In order to be successful, you have to develop and hone your skills (talents). This may mean spending extra time at the computer or reading information about your company and then putting what you’ve learned into action. Do you think any great band would take the stage without developing their talent first?? So why should you???

Secondly, you must be aware of the other things going on around you, not just your skill. For example, what happens if someone is unable to perform their job, and what they do is needed for the company goal to be achieved?? If you can do more than just what you do and can step in and help, the company goal is reached and your achievements will most likely not go unnoticed! All of us must make sure we can do more than just our job in order to be successful.

How many bands do you think have gotten anywhere if they passed up gigs just because they couldn’t find someone to step in and play for someone who was sick?? How would they ever survive? Sometimes you just have to step up and shine!!!

A friend of mine that knew Glenn Frey of the Eagles said he told him- “we never took the stage until they practiced a new song at least a hundred times in a row perfectly.”

How much better would your job, presentation, or product knowledge be if you practiced it one hundred times in a row before you took the stage???? Imagine the possibilities…..

In these challenging and shifting time there is nothing better than to use that time to take advantage of doing extra research and get back to honing our skills….it can only make us that much better!!

Rockstar Trait # 3 – Confidence

Ever wonder where confidence comes from? It is in the mind? The heart? The gut? The spine? Or does it come from the soul?

I have asked this question of great Rock Stars, Military Leaders, Business Leaders, Race Car Drivers, Motorcycle Test Riders, Radical Surfers, Olympians, Top Gun Pilots, Astronauts, popular Public Speakers, professional Base Ball and Football Players, Professional Golfers, and Parents with many children. They all have something in common, the adrenaline rush from taking risks and possessing a high level of confidence to perform at a peak level.

While there are volumes of scientific explanations and hypothesis written about how this happens in ones physiology, winning the Super Bowl, or the World Series, or Olympic Medals, or leading a business to long term success, requires confidence, internal motivation, mental toughness, and the mind-set of a winner. This comes from believing in yourself and giving yourself permission to be the best, and to believe that you deserve to win in anything you do. This requires setting the best and right goals and give it 100% every time. The next Rock Star Trait is goal setting and goal achieving; look for it coming soon.

Frank Candy
“We are not here for a long time.
We are here for a good time.
Follow your bliss now.
Go make it happen!” -FJC
Frank Candy
American Speakers Bureau


You are a leader-At least of your own band!!

As we keep on truckin’ and learning what it takes to master being a BUSINESS ROCKSTAR, the next step we explore is…..You are a leader, at least of your own band!

Have you ever noticed that in most life situations a leader is required?? How many bands would break-up and how many businesses would crumble without the strength of a strong leader??

ALL OF THEM!! Having a leader with vision and strength is the backbone to any good band, business or any function or event. It takes someone to step up to the plate, take the reins and drive home the theme or goal. Using your skills as a leader (in whichever position you hold) will not only help others and make you feel needed but, it will ultimately contribute to the betterment of the business, event or “band” as a whole.

You Don’t necessarily have to be the boss to be a leader. Doing your job to the best of the ability provides the leadership for others that is needed to keep the wheels a turnin’ and the gears oiled. Taking this roll not only means bossing people around, it means acting in a way that commands respect, setting an example of hard work, providing counsel for people who need help and just all in all providing that winning attitude that is required by a powerful leader.

Keep in mind that most bands have a powerful and recognizable leader that sets the tone for the entire band and their success. Would Aerosmith be as recognized and successful without Steven Tyler and his vision and example?? I think not!!

“Dream on, dream on, dream yourself a dream come true!” -Steven Tyler